Locksmith St Helens Says Thank You

Locksmith St Helens have been in business since 2009 thanks to all of our customers, our business has grown year on year as a result of our philosophy which is to provide Reliability and Quality at a reasonable price.

Locksmith St Helens say thank you to all our customers for without you we would not have survived our 5 years in a competitive market.

Locksmith St Helens would like to thank in particular all our repeat Business Customers who keep passing business our way its very much appreciated.




08 May 2021Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At Locksmiths St Helens we have been lucky enough to provide a service that customers needed during the UK Lockdown but just like any other business we saw and needed to make changes to the way we worked.

So what did we do ? First of all we did a infection control risk assessment and realised that we needed to get some personal protective equipment to protect ourselves and our customers but obviously and rightly this type of equipment was required by the NHS.

We could get overalls, face visors, marigold gloves, dettol wipes and hand wipes so thats what we did and it worked okay the overalls and marigold gloves were washed after every job it meant me taking them off before I got into our home placing them in a bin bag before they went into the washing machine and using hand wipes and hand washing on a regular basis helped worked for us.

Im glad to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel in the UK but at Locksmiths St Helens we will still use infection prevention and control techniques when working and will carry on doing so until the UK is clear of the pandemic.

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