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Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens, have been providing Locksmiths in St Helens and Emergency Locksmiths in St Helens, since 2009. We are general locksmiths providing a Residential and Commercial Locksmith service in St Helens and surrounding areas.

We are a local family owned Locksmith based in St Helens so for a free quote call Derek your St Helens Locksmith on 07967-778940 we are here to help. Locksmith St Helens do not charge a call out fee, do not charge vat and charge for the job and not per hour and of course being Locksmiths in St Helens we can normally be with you within 30 mins. We are also Out Of Hour Locksmiths in St Helens.

At  Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens are family owned Local Locksmiths in St Helens we provide sevices for  private landlords a number of large letting and estate agents in St Helens and surrounding areas and a very large charity serving the Northwest of England.

Locksmith St Helens are Local St Helens Locksmiths which is important when you need a Locksmith in St Helens for a few reasons one is that you will be paying local not national prices and secondly we can be with you normally within 30 minutes.

Our locksmith services in St Helens include: Emergency Locksmith, local locksmith service, replacement lock service, anti-snap locks, mortice locks replaced and fresh fitted, upvc door lock problems solved, locksmith training courses, lock bumping courses, mailbox locks opened and replaced this list of locksmith services is not exhaustive so if you require a locksmith service not listed please call us on 07967 778940 to discuss.

Emergency Locksmith St Helens

When you need an Emergency Locksmith St Helens due to being Locked out in St Helens or simply lost your keys in St Helens dont despair give Derek your Emergency Locksmith St Helens a call on 07967-778940 being Emergency Locksmiths in St Helens we can be with you normally within 30 minutes to gain entry to your premises and change your locks if required. this neednt cost the earth. If your locked out in st helens its important to call a local Emergency Locksmith in St Helens as they are more likely to be with you quicker than a national company.

 So if you need a local Locksmith in St Helens or Emergency Locksmith in St Helens, then call Derek at Lockkeys Locksmith services 07967-778940 for a free no obligation quote we can normally be with you within 30 minutes we are a family owned local Locksmiths in St Helens.

Local Locksmiths St Helens

Why choose a Local Locksmiths St Helens, simply put being Locksmiths in St Helens and family owned we care about providing quality and reliability at a reasonable cost. How can we call ourselves Local Locksmiths St Helens well we live and work here, so if our Local Locksmiths in St Helens do a good job for you then your more likely to tell others about us and thats the type of advertising that you cant buy. Locksmiths St Helens are proud to serve our community and hope that you choose a Local Locksmith in St Helens to help with your lock requirements.

Lockkeys Locksmith Services Provide Transparent Locksmith Prices in St Helens

***Special Offer from your Local Locksmith St Helens

Euro Cylinder Lock Replaced and Fitted from £68***

Two Euro Cylinders for £136 and Three Euro Cylinders for £204 fitted

Locksmiths in St Helens, locksmiths in Widnes, locksmiths in Prescot then call  07967-778940 Lockkeys Locksmith Services are a family owned local Locksmiths in St Helens, Widnes, Prescot.

Lockkeys Locksmith Services are Local St Helens Locksmiths who provide fast efficient quality locksmith services in St Helens and Widnes, so if you need a locksmith in Parr, locksmith in eccleston, locksmith in rainford, locksmith in rainhill, locksmith in prescot, locksmith in Thatto Heath, Locksmith in Sutton Leach at a reasonable price, call Derek at Lockkeys  Locksmith Services  who will provide you with a free quote before any work is commenced. Lockkeys locksmiths in St Helens, locksmiths in widnes,locksmiths in warrington do not charge VAT. 

Our Local Locksmith in St Helens, Locksmith in Widnes, Locksmith in Prescot and Locksmith in Warrington provide Residential and Commercial locksmith services and can open locked doors, open locks, replace locks,fit locks, key cutting, upvc locks and supply locks Lockkeys and also offer free security advice.

We also provide an Emergency Locksmith Service in St Helens, Widnes, Prescot so if your locked out dont despair we can be with you within 30 minutes to open your door and replace your locks if required.

Call Derek your local locksmith st helens on 07967-778940 for a no obligation quote.

Locksmith Widnes 07967-778940

Your Locksmith in Widnes Derek provides locksmith services in the following areas of Widnes, Penketh,Great Sankey, Bold Heath, Cronton, Cuerdley Cross, Hough Green, Ditton, Farnworth our locksmith in widnes can be with you within the hour, call Derek your widnes locksmith on 07967-778940 for a  free no obligation quote.

Locksmith Prices From £68

Weekdays From £68, Weekends and evenings From £68, Bank Holidays and evenings From £68 we charge for the job and not per hour. Please check the prices of  other locksmiths we know we are competitive thats why we display our prices.

UPVC Multipoint Door & Window Locks St Helens

Problems with UPVC Multipoint Door or Window Locks in St Helens then give Derek you Locksmith St Helens a ring on 07967-778940 for a free no obligation quote. There are many different makes and profiles of UPVC Door and Window locks and so identifying which one is yours is important because one make of UPVC Door and Window Lock will not usually fit another make. Dont guess which one for UPVC Door and Window Locks in St Helens give Derek a ring we could save you money.

Common Problems With Upvc Door Locks

Locksmiths St Helens are dealing with upvc door locks on a weekly basis as these type of doors make up approximately 70 per cent of all doors in the UK. Locksmiths St Helens provide free advice and no obligation quotes so if you have one of the following problems give Derek or Pam a ring on 07967 778940 we can give you an idea of what the problem is and how much we would charge to rectify it, you could then phone around and get some more quotes.

Common problems with upvc door locks are:

I cant lock my door, if this is the case then St Helens Locksmiths would ask you to open the door and try locking it when its open, if you can lock it when its open then the problem is not with the lock but the alignment of the door with the door keep found on the door frame. But if you cant lock your door even when its open then its likely to be one of two things either the cylinder has failed or the multilock has failed.

If you have handles that are spinning around then Locksmiths St Helens would have you check both handles if only one is spinning then it sounds like its just an handle that has failed and either you need to replace the handles or that the spinning handle is not connecting with the spindle, however if both are spinning around then the likelyhood is that the mulitlock as failed.

If your having any problems with your upvc door locks then give Derek or Pam a ring at St Helens Locksmiths for free advice and a quote.

Call Derek Our Locksmith St Helens Now For A Free No Obligation Quote On 07967-778940

Areas covered include: locksmith st helens,locksmith widnes, locksmith Prescot, and locksmith Merseyside.

Locksmith St Helens Garden Security

Locksmith St Helens recommend all our customers to look at their gardens in providing extra security for their property for example the picture above is showing an overgrown holly bush hanging over a back garden wall, this offers protection in that it would be difficult to get over this wall without hurting yourself, although the bush could do with cutting back it is a very cheap and cheerful way of adding extra security to your property.


Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens - Master Key Systems

If your thinking about installing a Master Key System then give Derek or Pam a ring for a free no obligation quote and advice, our Master Key Systems are bespoke to the customer and not off the shelf, they are also of a restrictyed profile which means no one will be able to get a key duplicated without the authority of an authorised person so protecting who has a key.

The Master Key System unlike a keyed alike system allows you to control who can enter individual doors, for example you could have a office with 6 locked doors you may want to be able to give keys to staff allowing them to open the main office door and their individual office doors but not others this can be done utilising just one key however you could have one key the Grand Master which allows you to open all doors.

Window Restrictors For Security And Safety

Window Restrictors can be used for both security and safety especially where your windows are able to open wide, unfortunately when there is a spot of good weather their tends to be a increase in burglaries and theft from property through open windows, having window restrictors prevents the window from being opened wide enough to climb through.

Probably most importantly for Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens having Window restrictors fitted can prevent younger children and older persons who may have a dementia type illness from accidently falling from windows especially at height, these types of locks are readilly available to purchase but please use a reputable brand such as the one illustrated which is a jackloc one of the original types of window restrictors, alternatively if you would like us to give you a free no obligation quote for supplying and fitting Window Restrictors please give us a roing on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

Two Days Are Never The Same With Locksmithing

Two days are never the same with locksmithing and thats certainly the case with Locksmiths St Helens, we provide a locksmith service to the church and often have the job of working on old doors similar ot the one above, (apologies that the picture is on its side) working on older doors is a pleasue but can also be challenging in that often the locks have been in place a long time and when replacing them it can be difficult to find a right fit due to the change in sizes from imperial measurements to metric measurements and also the footprint of the lock can be difficult to match or on occasions the lock that requires replacing is now obsolete.

Despite this there is always other options to be considered and thats another quality of good locksmiths which is knowing what locks are available on the market to give the customer affordable choices. If you need advice on a lock issue then phone Derek or Pam at Lockkeys Locksmith Services on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers becuase without them we wouldnt be here.

High Security Locks Supplied And Fitted

When you want High Security Locks our advice would be to fit the ERA Fortress, one the best High Security Locks on the market at the moment and the one taht we use on our doors:

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths we supply and fit locks to suit every budget but when you want something extra special such as high security locks then we only fit the ERA Fortress this is because in our opinion they are the best on the market at the moment. If you would like a quote for the ERA Fortress or any other Locks then please give us a ring on 07967 778940 and speak to the business owners either Derek or Pam Mercer we are here to help.


Standard Security Locks Or High Security Locks Whats The Difference

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens we supply and iot locks to suit most budgets which includes Standard Security Locks to High Security Locks so whats the difference between the two ? In the most basic terms its about how much protection the lock will provide when attacked, by looking at the picture you should be able to tell which is the High Security Lock, this lock is a 3 Star Diamond Graded Cylinder which will provide far more protection under attack than the Standard Security lock so which lock do I need ? This is an individual choice that our customers have to make themselves and in keeping with your insurance policy requirements.

Whichever locks you need on your door we can help just call Derek or Pam of Lockkeys Locksmith Services on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote we are here to help our customers beacuse without them we wouldnt be here.

Safe Problems Whether Domestic - Commercial Or Vault We Can Help

locksmiths st helens domestic safeslocksmiths st helens commercial safeslocksmiths st helens vaults

If you have a problem with a safe or vault in St Helens then give us a ring on 07967 778940 we can help, whether youve locked your keys in your safe, lost the combination to your safe or want a combination or lock changing on a safe call us for information as we will put you in touch with one of the best Safe Technicians in the North West.

Hes a member of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association and is very experienced and knowledgable when it comes to safes and vaults when dealing with safes you want a specialist not an amatuer.

How To Become A Locksmith ?

How to become a locksmith ? well its easy as there is no regulation of locksmiths so you could call yourself a locksmith today. Most locksmiths either work for someone else or work for themselves as self employed.

There is now only one ofqual regulated educational qualification for locksmiths the  Level 3 Diploma for Commercial Locksmiths & Property Security however the normal route is to take a unqualified course and as there are many advertised its best to do your research as to which trainer would be best for you and you can do this by comparing what each locksmith trainer is going to teach you, what area of the country the training will take place and who will be doing the training, for example is the trainer a working locksmith or do they just do training and how long have they been doing it.

Where the training will takes place is not that important eg if its in someones shed it wont matter if the training they will deliver will work for you as a classroom environment is not always the best as locksmithing is all hands on.

Once you decide who is going to do your training you need to consider your marketing like any other business marketing is probably the most important thing for example you can be the best locksmith in the world but if no one can find you then you wont get any business.

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens we now offer locksmith training from our workshop in Lea Green St Helens and out on live jobs with us. Do your research, visit the ttraining centres and see whats best for you. All the very best for the future, Locksmithing is a very interesting and varied enjoyable career.

Locks For Wooden Doors Use British Standard

 At Locksmiths St Helens we are often working on wooden doors replacing or fitting mortice locks or Nightlatches (known as Yale locks). These locks can be of a standard security type or a high secuity type depending on what the customers budget is but will always recommend British Standard so that your compliant with your insurance policy requirements.

The pictured lock is a British Standard Nightlatch which can be used to upgrade from your existing nightlatch, if this is somthing your considering doing then why not give Derek or Pam a call on 07967 778940 at Locksmiths St Helens we are here for our customers.

Locksmith Training In St Helens

If your looking for Locksmith Training In St Helens or Locksmith Training In Merseyside then give us a call on 07967 778940  (Not to be confused with Locksmith Training Merseyside another Locksmith Trainer in St Helens) we now provide training for those wishing to become locksmiths and also do tailored courses for companies such as those providing maintenance and wish to provide some locksmith training for staff.

The training takes place both within our secure workshop in St Helens and out on live jobs, and will take place over 5 days from 0800-1800 its a intensive course from which will enable you to set up trading as a locksmith.

Interested In Lock Picking ? Well Take Your Pick

 As Locksmiths in St Helens we are often asked by customers if we do a lot of lock picking and funnily enough we actually spend more time practising lock picking at home than we do on customers doors, the reason for this is that we spend less than 10 percent of our time dealing with lock out situations so most of the time we are dealing with locks that have failed and or need replacing. 

We do spend time at home lock picking as its a very interesting past time and in fact a hobby called lock sport to many people. If interested in lock picking then dont jump in buying very cheap lock picks ask around first perhaps join a locksport community forum and seek some advice on which picks to start out with, at Locksmiths St Helens we certainly advise this simply because a decent set of picks will enable you to have more success at opening locks, all the best.

Locksmiths In Rainhill

If you need a Locksmith in Rainhill then call Derek or Pam on 07967 7788940 based and living in St Helens we can be with you quickly and of course our family have a long history living in Rainhill. We had the opportunity to go past one of our old family homes in Victoria Terrace Rainhill whilst doing work at Rainhill Cricket Club.

When providing Locksmith Services in Rainhill we do not charge a call out fee or vat so our prices will be competitive.

Local Locksmiths St Helens What Should You Expect ?

When a customer phones for a Local Locksmith St Helens its often the first time they have spoken to and or needed a locksmith so what should they expect ? We cant tell you about other Local Locksmiths St Helens as we dont know them but you can expect the following from us:

  • Your call will be answered by either Pam or Derek the business owners.
  • After discussing your lock or door problem we should be able to provide you with a no obligation quote.
  • If you like the quote we will give you a fairly good estimated time of arrival the same day and or an appointment time to suit your needs.
  • We guarantee all our work including parts and labour for 12 months (Providing your door is in a reasonable condition and yu use your locks correctly)

At Lockkeys Locksmiths Services we have been providing a local locksmith service in St Helens since 2009 and are proud members of the St Helens Trader Register (Run & Maintaned by St Helens Council Trading Standards).

Locksmith St Helens - The Key To Preventing Being Locked Out

For most general Locksmiths in St Helens  the customer being locked out situation only accounts for approximately 10 per cent of our weekly work, so why do customers become locked out and how could they prevent it from happening.

Lockked Out In St Helens Due To Losing A Key Or Keys: Its difficult to prevent losing keys however you could key a spare set with someone so if it does happen at least you can let yourself in and be safe and warm whilst you phone around for quotes to replace your locks.

Locked Out In St Helens Due To Leaving A Key In The Back Of The Lock: The easiest way to prevent this is to not leave a key in the lock in the first place however hindsight is very easy, another way to prevent this would be to carry a key for your back door (if you have one as well).

If you should find yourself locked out in St Helens for whatever reason then call Derek or Pam on 07967 778940 at Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens we are here for the customer.

Using Local Locksmiths Helps Other Local Businesses

When you use a Local Locksmith in St Helens not only are you supporting this local business but you are also supporting others and this is how. We live and work in St Helens and surrounding areas so we shop at local shops, we purchase petrol from local petrol stations and of course we order takeaways from local businesses.

These businesses in turn tend to employ local people so the more we support local businesses the more we support each other. So when you need a locksmith near me look for Lockkeys Locksmith Services.

Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens Proud To Live In St Helens

Our St Helens Locksmith Derek recently had the opportunity to attend the St Helens Business Fair, held at the Saints Ground and arranged by the St Helens Chamber of Commerce. It was an opportunity to network with local businesses but also to find out how St Helens is developing and moving forward.

One such development is Glass Futures which is being built on the former United Glass site. Glass Futures is a “not for profit” Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), will be operating a membership scheme with industry partners, glass end user customers and suppliers. Glass Futures will use the facility to provide commercially robust training and development activity to meet and exceed the demands of the global glass industry.

As such its not a manufacturing plant like Pilkingtons and should provide jobs for people in and around St Helens but will also provide work for local businesses such as hotels, transport and should help in the future growth of St Helens.

At Lockkeys Locksmith Services we live and work in St Helens although we do cover surrounding areas such as Wigan, Warrington, Widnes, Ormskirk and Burscough areas. When you contact us on 07967 778940 you will speak to either Derek or Pam the husband and wife family business owners.

Do Lockkeys Locksmiths Sell Parts To The Public ?

We sometimes get calls out of hours or at weekends by customers wishing to buy locks from us and unfortunately we do not sell our locks to members of the public. Theres a few reasons why we dont do this one being that we only carry stock to use ourselves and if we sell stock to others then we could leave ourselves short and will have to replace stock that we sell.

Secondly at Lockkeys Locksmith Services we are unable to guarantee locks that we dont fit ourselves this is to ensure that the lock was fitted correctly and if it fails as a result of a manufacturers faullt then we will contact them on behalf of the customer..

Keysafes Supplied and Fitted In St Helens

Looking for a keysafe to be fitted in St Helens ? The choice is normally limited by a customers budget however if your looking for the best then the Burton Keyguard XL is top of its class. This keysafe as well as being a larger than normal keysafe has passed more security tests than other keysafes currently on the market.

At Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens we like our customers to have the best they can afford and for keysafes this is it. This keysafe is manufactured for Burton Safes who are a UK company well known for its domestic and commercial safes. If you would like a no obligation quote for this or other keysafes then call derek or Pam on 07967 778940 for a discussion on your needs and a no obligation quote.

Free Security Surveys In St Helens

At Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens we are security experts, our locksmith Derek has been working in the security field for over 45 years. Its always best to periodically have a security check to ensure you have the right locks on your doors to suit the requirments of your insurance broker.

If you would like a free security survey then just call Pam or Derek of Lockkeys Locksmiths St Helens on 07967 778940 to arrange a suitable appointment time. It would be useful if you have a copy of what your insurance policy requires for you locks before we arrive.

Normally the best time to ensure your fully covered with your insurers requirments is to have a free security check when your first moving into a new property as they may require you to replace your locks as part of the agreement.

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